Ace of Spays




♠ Make an Appointment-we do not accept walk-ins. Schedule online here.

Drop Off Form-Required Before Entering: We require a pre-filled and signed Drop -Off Form for each pet BEFORE entering the building.  If you do not already have an appointment, please schedule here before filling out the form. The surgery date is asked for on the form by your signature.  These forms are also available in our parking lot attached to the sign for the reserved parking space by the walkway to the office. Please take one and fill it out IN YOUR CAR, before entering. it on your form when you drop off. 

♠ Cats-purchase a carrier if you do not have one already.

♠  🙂 !!!CATCHING YOUR CAT!!!! :-). Leave your carrier near your pets feeding station several days before your appointment. Feed your cat in the carrier if possible. Cats need to eat to stay healthy so if your cat does not eat the food while in the carrier, offer some food next to the carrier as well. This process will make it much easier to catch your cat the morning of surgery.

♠ ******Feeding Instructions********** If your pet is over 3 months of age, no food after 10 pm. If your pet is 3 months old or younger, no food after 6 am the morning of surgery. Do NOT withhold water from any pets. Consider placing a note on the food or at the feeding station the night before surgery to prevent accidental feeding.

♠ Consider a complete physical exam prior to your spay/neuter appointment. This will reduce “surprises” that may necessitate rescheduling with us or having a private neuter through Pathways to Wellness or another facility. To schedule this with Pathways to Wellness, our sister organization, click here.

♠ Consider Pre-operative blood tests especially on pets over 4 years of age. Testing needs to be done at least 2 days PRIOR to your surgery appointment. Testing is best paired with an exam but this is not required. To schedule blood tests without an exam, click here

♠ Read “AFTER SURGERY” (below) so you know about post-operative care and also read about Potential Complications.

♠ Reschedule if your pet becomes sick.

♠ Reschedule if your dog goes into heat. Wait 10 weeks after the heat cycle stops to schedule a dog spay. This helps prevent false pregnancy. Cats can be spayed in heat


♠ Reschedule if your pet eats.

♠ Arrive at Pathways to Wellness at 1485 Route 38, Hainesport, NJ at your scheduled time.

♠ Walk dogs on the veterinary property before entering. A waste station is provided.

♠ Bring your signed Consent form. These are required prior to entering.

♠ Bring a Towel or Blanket that can be discarded if soiled.

♠ A rabies certificate is NOT needed unless you want a 3-year rabies shot for your pet.

♠ Dogs must be on leashes or in carriers.

♠ Cats MUST be in individual cat carriers or traps.


♠ Pick-up is between 4 and 5 pm unless we call you to come sooner. No pick-ups after 5 pm ($50 fee per 15 minutes late fee).

♠ Be sure to leave with your towel or blanket, leash or carrier, pain-relief and any other medications and post-operative instructions.


♠ Offer Water Immediately

♠ Offer a small amount of canned food when you get home. Feed 1/2 of a normal meal later. Resume normal feeding in the morning. Cats that have not been given extra pain medications may not eat well for a day or two.

♠ No Over-the Counter Pain Medications. TOXIC!

♠ Keep Pets In the House (except for leash walking) for 10 days, Wild Cats for 24 hours.

♠ Avoid Running, Jumping, Playing for at least 10 Days.

Dogs: Allow Short Walks on Leash as Needed.

Cats: Confine to Small Area with Food, Water and Litter.

♠ Keep Warm. Avoid heating pads.

♠ No Baths for 10 days.

♠ E-Collar for 10 days.

What to Expect (In Some Pets) After Surgery

♠ Minor sleepiness

♠ Watery eyes and/or drooling

♠ Rare vomiting

♠ A scrotum that is up to twice the size of the testicles. This resolves over 1-6 weeks.

♠ A non-painful lump by the incision. Resolves within 3-6 weeks.

♠ Sutures under the skin. They get absorbed by the body so suture removal is not needed. Male cats do not have closed incisions (ie/no sutures) for their well-being. This is standard neuter procedure.

What Requires Veterinary Care After Surgery

♠ A “lump” near the incision that disappears when pushed on or that is accompanied by poor appetite

♠ Anything protruding from the incision

♠ Vaginal bleeding

♠ More than a few drops of blood from the incision the night of surgery or any bleeding thereafter

♠ A pet that is unwilling to move around

♠ Severe swelling (over 2 times the size the testicles had been) of the scrotum.

♠ Decreased appetite that lasts more than 2 days

♠ Skin discoloration, pus or a highly painful swelling around the incision

♠ Anything that has you concerned. Trust your instincts: when in doubt, call the vet. 

Emergency contact numbers will be provided on your post operative instructions. You can also e-mail non-emergent questions to

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