Why Ace of Spays?

Ace of Spays was created for people who love their pets.  The reason Ace of Spays exists is to optimize the quality of spay & neuter care.

Mission matters. Full Service practices exist to care for many veterinary needs. Shelter clinics exist to end pet overpopulation. Ace of Spays stands alone in a focused effort to optimize the quality of spay/neuter care.

All pets, whether arriving for the clinic or for a private appointment, benefit from this perspective.  Surgery is always performed by an experienced spay/neuter veterinarian which means less time in surgery, less surgical trauma and a more rapid and comfortable recovery.  For anesthetic safety, Ace of Spays performs pre-surgical exams, uses the lowest effective dose of short-acting anesthetic agents, and utilizes both hands-on and electronic monitoring.

  • An Exam Before Surgery for Safety
  • Quality Pain-Relief Medications for Comfort
  • Cleanliness for Health
  • Highly Skilled, Animal-Loving Staff for Stress Relief
  •  Surgery by an Experienced Veterinarian for Rapid Recovery
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff for Answers
  • Quick Drop-off and Pick-up for Convenience
  • Attentiveness to Phones for Service
  • Surgery by a Veterinarian Who Has Performed Many for Your Peace of Mind
  • Reasonable Prices as an Added Bonus

In the clinic setting, affordability is increased by speeding intake & release and by having all pets arrive and depart in the same time frame, regardless of the timing of each exam and each surgery.  Though a private setting is ideal, visiting technicians have commented that Ace of Spay’s clinics meet or exceed what they have seen in other private practices.