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We take client care to new heights with resident greeter – a pet goat who overcame the odds!

We are all, one way or another, animal lovers. Some might be cat lovers while others prefer dogs, but at the core of it, we all love animals. This is especially true at Ace of Spays, a veterinary clinic with a special story. The staff at Ace of Spays loves caring for animals – so much so that they foster and/or adopt animals in need! Though lots of veterinary staff foster dogs and cats, Ace of Spays stands out because of a very special, special needs goat.

Didi’s arrival in this world was complicated. She was the fourth quadruplet born on a cold April day in 2020, right smack in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak. Quadruplets are very rare. Nursing 4 kids at the same time is an enormous task. To top that off, Didi has special needs. By the second day of her life the very tiny goat’s future looked bleak. She was going to need to be bottle fed and kept warm.

Lucky for all of us, an Ace of Spays staff member, Jessi, stepped in. While families were sequestered in homes, Jessi brought Didi to work so she could provide continuous care. This beautiful goat quickly settled into her office home away from home and she has been a treasure ever since.

Goats are common stall mates for anxious horses. Didi has the same calming effect on people. Clients who are having a bad day cheer up when they see her. Didi loves car rides, taking treats from her human friends and napping in warm areas.

She has all kinds of friends. She has become the office ambassador, a bastion of peace in a very chaotic world. Everybody LOVES Didi.

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