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Breeder Partnership Opportunity - Ace of Spays
Breeder Partnership Opportunity

As a breeder, you play a crucial role in animal welfare, and we appreciate your dedication to responsible breeding. With the goal of helping breeders, we are now offering reasonably priced litter exams and progesterone testing as well as discounts on spay/neuter pricing for you and your clients.

What We Offer

  • Reasonably priced yet thorough litter exams with certificates as shown below
  • Reasonably priced progesterone testing
  • Reasonably priced distemper and rabies vaccines
  • In-Hospital Credit to your breeder account for each of your puppies spayed or neutered by us
  • Discounted spay/neuter pricing for both puppies and dogs entering retirement

Why Ace of Spays

We exist for the sole purpose of maximizing spay/neuter care. Every effort is taken for both pet and client comfort.  Full service primary care veterinarians do a great job of caring for pets but by concentrating solely on all things spay/neuter, from anesthesia to surgery to after care, we do better.  Shelters and clinics operate with the main goal of cost savings. We are not willing to cut any corners; pet safety and comfort, are paramount to our existence.

Pets benefit from

  • A highly experienced spay/neuter veterinarian every time (no training of vets or students)
  • Safe, short acting and often reversible anesthetics
  • Anesthesia protocols and pain medications tailored to breed health and temperament
  • Attention to patient warmth and comfort
  • Close monitoring from first injection all the way through discharge

Clients benefit from

  • Friendly staff to answer questions and help with scheduling
  • Easy process from scheduling through post operative care
  • An organized web site with online scheduling and an easy price calculator
  • Post op access to the veterinarian’s phone number (for post op concerns only) -as of May 2024
  • Complimentary post operative examinations for any surgically related concerns (medications or treatments are charged)

By partnering with us, you can feel confident your pups are getting the best of spay/neuter care while enjoying some discounts on your litter exams, progesterone assays and routine spay/neuter care. For each puppy that comes to us for spay/neuter services, we are offer a $20 discount on your breeder account. It’s our way of saying thank you for your commitment to providing the best care for your clients.

How it works

Please complete the form belowc or call us

We will send you literature to provide to your clients including a spay/neuter discount voucher of $20 that they can use towards their puppy’s spay/neuter surgery

When your client uses that voucher, we will issue a $20 in-hospital credit to your breeder account. This credit is redeemable for litter exams, rabies/distemper vaccines, progesterone testing and routine spay/neuter surgery for pets under your care for a period of 2 years after issue date. It is not redeemable for other services nor for cash.

Pricing as of May 2024

Progesterone assay $100

  • Available Monday through Friday
  • Complimentary technician appointment
  • Blood draw
  • Progesterone test sent to Lab
  • Results sent by e-mail without interpretation the next day

Litter Exam (cost per puppy)

  • Available Thursdays between 9-5
  • Exam by veterinarian $50/puppy (no additional office visit fee)
  • Certificate of Health to supply to your client (samples below)


  • Rabies $20
  • Distemper $20
  • Complimentary technician visit for puppies that have already been here for a litter exam

Microchip with lifetime registration (Home Again)

  • Chip $30
  • Insertion fee for breeder supplied chip $5
  • Complimentary technician visit (no previous exam needed unless pups are also getting vaccines)


  • $20/dog discount off our reasonable prices
  • $20 Breeder Account Credit for all puppies neutered here with one of your breeder vouchers
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