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OUR CLINICS ARE FOR HEALTHY PETS. If your pet has health concerns, please contact your veterinarian for a private surgery.

There are NO HIDDEN COSTS (such as fees for absorbable sutures, exams, or medical waste). If, after examining your pet, the veterinarian requires extra care or tests before surgery, you will be contacted for permission to continue before incurring extra expenses.

Payment Methods:  We greatly prefer DEBIT cards but we also accept credit cards and, though we prefer not, cash.  NO CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS.

Pre-op Blood work (at an extra fee) is recommended especially for pets over 5-must be done at least 3 days before surgery date


  • a pre-surgical exam
  • For dogs coming through the clinic, pain-relief medication is included. 
  • For cats, we recommend purchasing pain relief medication. It is not included because feral cats cannot be handled for treatment.
  • anesthesia
  • absorbable sutures (except in male cats who have no sutures) mean no return visit required. 
  • surgery by an experienced, fully licensed veterinarian


  • E-collar to prevent licking the incision (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)
  • vaccines
  • microchips with lifetime registration
  • post-operative pain relief medication for cats (included for dogs)
  • heartworm testing
  • FIV/FeLV testing
  • heartworm preventative
  • flea and tick product
  • nail trim
  • ear cleaning
  • umbilical hernia repairs
  • rear dew claw removal (at discretion of veterinarian)

Surgical Price List

Male Cat $140
Female Cat $175
Dogs 0-30 pounds $305
Dogs 30-69 pounds $355
Dogs 70-99 pounds $415
Dogs 100-124 pounds $500
Dogs 125-149 pounds $655
Dogs 150 pounds and above $815

Additional Service Price List

Rabies $39
Distemper $39
Cat Pain Medication (Dog pain medication included in price) $38
E-Collar $39
Heartworm Test $55
FIV/FeLv Combination Test $80
Microchip $90
Cat Advantage Multi (1 month supply) $26.67
Bravecto (Dog 3 month supply) $74.10
Ear Cleaning $25
Nail Trim $21.74
Hind Dew Claw Removal $85 (at veterinarian’s discretion)

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