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femaledog Instructions




Feeding Instructions: If your pet is over 3 months of age, no food after 10 pm. If your pet is 3 months or younger, please consider waiting until she is a bit older or offer 1-2 tsp of food at 6 am the morning of surgery.

Do NOT withhold water from any pets. 

Consider placing a note on the food or at the feeding station the night before surgery to prevent accidental morning feeding.


  • Reschedule if your pup eats.
  • Consider rescheduling if your dog is in heat. Learn more by CLICKING HERE
  • Arrive at Ace of Spays at 1485 Route 38, Hainesport, NJ at your scheduled time. If you cannot make that exact time, please drop off anytime between 8-9am.
  • Walk your dog on Ace of Spays property before entering. A waste station is provided.
  • Bring your signed Consent form. Once filled out, you will find a signed copy in your e-mail.
  • Bring a Towel or Blanket that can be discarded if soiled.
  • A rabies certificate is NOT needed unless you want a 3-year rabies shot for your pet.
  • Dogs must be on leashes or in carriers.


Pick up at your scheduled time. If you cannot manage your scheduled time, pick up anytime between 4-5pm. Do not wait for a call. All pets will be ready to leave by 4pm. No pick-ups after 5pm ($50 fee per 15 minutes late fee).

Be sure to leave with your towel or blanket, leash or carrier, pain-relief and any other medications and post-operative instructions.


  • Offer water immediately
  • Keep warm. Avoid heating pads.
  • Offer a small amount of canned food when you get home. Feed 1/2 of a normal meal later.
  • Resume normal feeding in the morning.
  • No over-the-counter pain medications. TOXIC!
  • Keep pets in the house (except for leash walking) for 10 days.
  • Avoid running, jumping, and playing (including any freedom in a yard) for at least 10 Days.
  • Allow only short walks on a leash for 10 days for the purpose of urination and defecation.
  • No baths for 10 days.
  • E-Collar for 10 days.

What to Expect (In Some Pets) After Surgery

  • Minor sleepiness
  • Watery eyes and/or drooling
  • Rare vomiting
  • A non-painful lump by the incision. Resolves within 3-6 weeks.
  • Sutures under the skin. They get absorbed by the body so suture removal is not needed.

What Requires Veterinary Care After Surgery

  • A “lump” near the incision that disappears when pushed on or that is accompanied by poor appetite
  • Anything protruding from the incision
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • More than a few drops of blood from the incision the night of surgery or any bleeding thereafter
  • A pet that is unwilling to move around
  • Decreased appetite that lasts more than 2 days
  • Skin discoloration, pus or a highly painful swelling around the incision
  • Anything that has you concerned. Trust your instincts: when in doubt, call the vet. 

Emergency contact numbers will be provided on your post-operative instructions. You can also contact our doctors about non-urgent issues.

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