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Why Ace of Spays? - Ace of Spays

Why Ace of Spays?

Ace of Spays was created for people who love their pets.  The reason Ace of Spays exists is to optimize the quality of spay & neuter care.

Mission matters. Full Service practices exist to care for many veterinary needs. Shelter clinics exist to end pet overpopulation. Ace of Spays stands alone in a focused effort to optimize the quality of spay/neuter care.

All pets benefit from this perspective.  Surgery is always performed by an experienced spay/neuter veterinarian which means less time in surgery, less surgical trauma and a more rapid and comfortable recovery.  For anesthetic safety, Ace of Spays performs pre-surgical exams, uses the lowest effective dose of short-acting anesthetic agents, and utilizes both hands-on and electronic monitoring.

  • An Exam Before Surgery for Safety
  • Quality Pain-Relief Medications for Comfort
  • Cleanliness for Health
  • Highly Skilled, Animal-Loving Staff for Stress Relief
  •  Surgery by an Experienced Veterinarian for Rapid Recovery
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff for Answers
  • Quick Drop-off and Pick-up for Convenience
  • Attentiveness to Phones for Service
  • Surgery by a Veterinarian Who Has Performed Many for Your Peace of Mind
  • Reasonable Prices as an Added Bonus

Affordability is increased by speeding intake & release.  To achieve this, all pets arrive and depart in the same time frame, regardless of the timing of each exam and each surgery.   That said, visiting technicians have commented that Ace of Spay’s clinics meet or exceed what they have seen in other private practices. 

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