Ace of Spays

What to Do - Ace of Spays

What to Do

Post-Operative Care

♠ Offer Water Immediately

♠ Offer a small amount of canned food when you get home. Feed 1/2 of a normal meal later. Resume normal feeding in the morning. Cats that have not been given extra pain medications may not eat well for a day or two.

♠ No Over-the Counter Pain Medications. TOXIC!

♠ Keep Pets In the House (except for leash walking) for 10 days, Wild Cats for 24 hours.

♠ Avoid Running, Jumping, Playing for at least 10 Days.

Dogs: Allow Short Walks on Leash as Needed.

Cats: Confine to Small Area with Food, Water and Litter.

♠ Keep Warm. Avoid heating pads.

♠ No Baths for 10 days.

♠ E-Collar for 10 days.

What to Expect (In Some Pets) After Surgery

♠ Minor sleepiness

♠ Watery eyes and/or drooling

♠ Rare vomiting

♠ A scrotum that is up to twice the size of the testicles. This resolves over 1-6 weeks.

♠ A non-painful lump by the incision. Resolves within 3-6 weeks.

♠ Sutures are NOT visible and can take up to 3 months to resorb/go away. Male cats do not have closed incisions for their well-being. This is standard neuter procedure.

What Requires Veterinary Care After Surgery

♠ A “lump” near the incision that disappears when pushed on or that is accompanied by poor appetite

♠ Anything protruding from the incision

♠ Vaginal bleeding

♠ More than a few drops of blood from the incision the night of surgery or any bleeding thereafter

♠ A pet that is unwilling to move around

♠ Severe swelling (over 2 times the size the testicles had been) of the scrotum.

♠ Decreased appetite that lasts more than 2 days

♠ Skin discoloration, pus or a highly painful swelling around the incision

♠ Anything that has you concerned. Trust your instincts: when in doubt, call the vet.

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