Ace of Spays



Ace of Spays’ holds firmly to the mission of optimizing spay & neuter services in a friendly environment. For other services, consider contacting one of the groups below… Veterinary Alternative and Conventional Medicine Including Private Spay/Neuter

 Pathways to Wellness is our affiliate (609) 267-2111

Low-Cost Veterinary Care

Humane Society of Atlantic County  (609) 348-8076


Burlington County Animal Shelter  609-265-5502

Randall’s Rescue

Dog Training

 The Dog Training Company 609-859-5555

Pet Foods 

Medford Pet Supply  609-714-1277


Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Center

Tri-State Bird Rescue

NJDEP Division of Fish & Game

NOTE: Ace of Spays and Pathways to Wellness are under the same management. Long ago, Dr. Cobb provided spay/neuter services for the Humane Society of Atlantic County and the Burlington County Animal Shelter. A former staff member at Ace of Spays formed and operates Randall’s Rescue. Staff members utilize the services of the trainers and pet stores listed above.   Other than Pathways to Wellness, there is no affiliation between Ace of Spays and the organizations listed above. This is a reference list, not an endorsement.
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