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Feb 19, 2021 the office will open at 10AM. We will be holding a clinic with drop off between 10-11 and pick up between 5-6.

COVID19 and Pets

Please note that COVID is NOT transmissible to humans from pets. Though 2 asymptomatic dogs tested positive in China, they cleared the virus without signs and without infecting people thus they may be, at worst, a dead end host. This means they can “host” the virus in their system but they cannot pass that virus […]

Scheduling Feral Cats

Ferals are welcome at Ace of Spays Please make an appointment BEFORE setting traps. We prefer cancellations to add-ons.  Clinics are on select Tuesday and Thursdays. Drop off between 8 and 9:30 AM. Regular drop off time ends at 9 but we extend this for ferals in case you catch them a little after 8:30. […]

Driving Directions

DRIVING DIRECTIONS Locals: Look for Ace of Spays on Route 38 in Hainesport between Dunleavy’s Tavern and Canal’s Liquor but on the opposite side of the road. Tacony-Palmyra Bridge: Take 73 south to Rt 38 East. * Cross 295. Go straight through the following 9 lights: Briggs, Hartford, Larchmont, Ark, Masonville-Fostertown, Hainesport-Mt. Laurel, Creek, Bancroft, […]

Other Helpful Organizations

Ace of Spays Salutes All Groups Working Towards Bettering the Lives of Animals Ace of Spays’ mission is to optimize spay & neuter services in a friendly environment. For other services, consider contacting one of the groups below… Veterinary Conventional and Alternative Medicine Pathways to Wellness, an affiliate of Ace of Spays, (609) 267-2111 Low-Cost Veterinary […]

What is spaying and neutering?

Spaying is the common term for surgically altering (removal of reproductive function) female dogs and cats.  The medical term is ovariohysterectomy.  This term indicates that the ovaries and uterus are removed.  Neutering is the common term used for surgically altering male cats and dogs.  The medical term is orchidectomy signifying that the testicles are surgically […]

What is the Best Age to Neuter?

Despite much research on the topic, there remains no set “best” age to neuter. The best thing to do is discuss the issue with your veterinarian. There are breed specific issues that come into play when considering spay/neuter timing. If the caregiver’s main goal is to avoid heat cycles, breeding or unwanted behavior, many veterinarians […]