Add-on Services


For other pets, this care and much more is offered through Pathways to Wellness at (609) 267-2111

Rabies & Distemper Vaccines

Rabies Vaccines: Lack of vaccination poses no risk to other pets so vaccination is not required for surgery.  However, pets can be vaccinated while at the office for surgery.  Rabies vaccines are required by the State.  Pets must be at least 3 months of age for a rabies shot.  After the first shot, another is given in 1 year and then every three years thereafter.  We must see a former rabies certificate for your pet (recent or expired) in order to provide a 3 year shot.  State law requires it.

Distemper Vaccines: Vaccination is not required for appointments but it is recommended that puppies and kittens have at least 2 of their initial series of shots prior to arrival.  We make every attempt to minimize exposure but the chances of exposure still exist.    Multiple distemper shots are given to puppies and kittens until they are over 15-16 weeks old.  These are usually given at 3-4 week intervals starting at 6-8 weeks of age.  Pathways to Wellness, our affiliate, recommends 1 shot a month starting at 8 weeks of age and ending at or just after 16 weeks of age and then a final booster one year later.  There are conflicting opinions about distemper vaccination intervals for adult pets ranging from the need for annual shots, to one shot every 3 years, to no more distemper vaccines at all.

Pain Medication

Research shows that pets that receive pain-relief medications before and after surgery eat sooner and heal faster than those that do not.  Anesthesia only provides pain-relief while pets are asleep on the surgery table. Ace of Spays offers both conventional and homeopathic pain relief medication.

DOGS:  At Ace of Spays, all dogs receive conventional pain-relief from the time they arrive through three days after surgery at no added charge.  An alternative remedy aimed at pain-relief and healing is available for purchase and can be used in conjunction with the conventional medication that is sent home.

CATS:  At Ace of Spays, all cats receive pain-relief medication starting just prior to surgery and lasting the duration of their stay and slightly beyond.  Owners and caretakers are strongly encouraged to purchase additional pain relief medication to give at home.  At-home pain relief is not included in the fee because some cats are difficult to treat and the conventional medication of choice needs to be applied to the gums.  

Please be careful: Some over-the-counter products are toxic to pets and all increase the propensity to bleed.


There are two types of E-Collars: traditional and bite-free. Both collar types aim to hinder pets from licking and chewing at the incision and sutures.

The advantages of the bite-free collar:

  • Coffee table items stay on your coffee table
  • Fits inside the crate with the dog

The disadvantages of the bite-free collar:

  • Does not fit well on cats
  • Some pets can still reach their incisions


Microchips help lost pets become reunited with owners.  Using a fairly large needle, a rice-sized pellet is inserted under the skin.  The pellet has a computerized code.  All pets entering animal shelters are scanned for chips.  The scanner picks up the chip number.  The shelter calls the national registry and finds the owner.  Microchips alone do not prove ownership of pets in case of disputes.

It is less painful to have chips inserted during anesthesia.  The Burlington County Animal Shelter has a low-cost chipping program.

Feline Leukemia & AIDS Testing

Neither disease is transmissible to humans.  Once cats are infected, they remain infected for life.  Infected cats can live for years.  In-house tests are screening tests.   There is another, more expensive test that can be run in animals with positive results to verify infection, though these also are not fully reliable.  Kittens born to infected queens can test positive for AIDS up until 6 months of age even if they are not infected themselves.  If your pet tests positive for either condition, call to discuss how best to proceed.  Until a final determination is made, keep these cats separate from non-infected cats.

Dental & Grooming

Ace of Spays offers ear cleaning, nail trims, and dental scaling. Dental scaling does not include any polishing, ultrasonic cleaning, or extractions. Full-service dental care is available through Pathways to Wellness.

Parasite Prevention & Treatment

Ace of Spays offers a 1 month or 3 month supply flea and tick products. We can also take care of deworming (hooks and rounds) and ear mites (milbemite).

Cash Discount

For the clinic only, there is a 5% discount given for cash payments.