Individualized Care

Your pet is unique and deserves to be treated accordingly.  Private or clinic: Ace of Spays caters to individual needs.…

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Experienced Veterinarian

After thousands of spay/neuter surgeries, Dr. Cobb formed Ace of Spays to maximize pet comfort and safety.…

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Easy Process

Easy for you!  Simply grab the phone.  Enjoy hospitality, simple instructions, appointment reminders and more.…

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Unique Mission

With a refreshing new perspective, this private veterinary practice focuses on spay/neuter. Why go elsewhere?…

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Ideal Location

Convenient and easy to find on Route 38 in Hainesport, NJ.  Ace of Spays draws clients from NJ, PA, DE, and even NY.…

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Reasonable Prices

Affordability is not the focus,  but it happens!  Dr. Cobb’s experience creates savings which she gladly passes on.…

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Looking for Exceptional Veterinary Care?
Pathways to Wellness, an affiliate of Ace of Spays, is here to help