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malecats Instructions

Thank you for scheduling your cat’s neuter surgery with us.


  • Fill out your pet’s consent form by CLICKING HERE
  • Catching Your Cat: Leave your carrier near your pets’ feeding station several days before your appointment. Feed your cat in the carrier if possible. Cats need to eat to stay healthy so if your cat does not eat the food while in the carrier, offer some food next to the carrier as well. This process will make it much easier to catch your cat the morning of surgery.
  • Consider a complete exam and/or bloodwork. To schedule an exam with or without bloodwork CLICK HERE. To schedule bloodwork without an exam CLICK HERE.
  • If you have not already seen this information, you might like these links:
    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Price calculator for cats
  • Read AFTER SURGERY (below) so you know about post-operative care.



Feeding Instructions: Do NOT withhold water from any pets. If your pet is over 3 months of age, no food after 10pm. If your cat is 3 months or younger, please consider waiting until they are a bit older or offer 1 tsp of canned food at 6am the morning of surgery.

Do NOT withhold water from any pets.

Consider placing a note on the food or at the feeding station the night before surgery to prevent accidental morning feeding.


  • Reschedule if your cat eats.
  • Put your cat in a carrier with a small towel or blanket that can be discarded if soiled.
  • Cats MUST be in individual cat carriers or traps.
  • Bring your signed Consent form. Once the form is filled out, you will find a copy of the signed form in your e-mail.
  • A rabies certificate is NOT needed unless you want a 3-year rabies shot for your pet.
  • Arrive at Ace of Spays at 1485 Route 38, Hainesport, NJ at your scheduled time. If you cannot make that exact time, please drop off anytime between 8am-9am.


Pick-up at your scheduled time. If you cannot manage your scheduled time, pick up anytime between 4pm-5pm. Do not wait for a call. All pets will be ready to leave by 4pm.
No pick-ups after 5pm ($50 fee per 15 minutes late fee).
Be sure to leave with your towel or blanket, carrier, pain-relief and any other medications and post-operative instructions.


  • No over-the-counter pain medications. TOXIC!
  • Offer water immediately
  • Keep warm. Avoid heating pads.
  • Offer a small amount of canned food when you get home. Feed 1/2 of a normal meal later. Resume normal feeding in the morning.
  • Confine to a small area with food, water and litter for 10 days. The objective is to minimize running, jumping and playing.
  • No baths for 10 days.
  • E-Collar, if purchased, are used for 10 days. Most cats do not need e-collars.

What to Expect (In Some Pets) After Surgery

  • Minor sleepiness
  • Watery eyes and/or drooling
  • Rare vomiting
  • Minor swelling of the scrotum
  • There are no sutures in male cats – the incision may therefore appear open. This is standard neuter procedure for your cat’s well-being.

What Requires Veterinary Care After Surgery

  • More than a few drops of blood from the incision the night of surgery or any bleeding thereafter. Male cats do not have closed incisions (ie/no sutures) for their well-being. This is standard neuter procedure.
  • A pet that is unwilling to move around
  • Decreased appetite that lasts more than a day
  • Skin discoloration, pus or a highly painful swelling
  • Anything that has you concerned. Trust your instincts: when in doubt, call the vet.

Emergency contact numbers will be provided on your post-operative instructions. You can also contact our doctors about non-urgent issues.

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