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***IMPORTANT: Please provide phone numbers where you can be reached ALL DAY while your pet is with us.

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NOTE: We will call you in the morning after exams in the rare case that both testicles are not where they belong. If we cannot reach you, we will NOT do any surgery.

Sometimes the testicles are difficult to see. If a veterinarian has told you your pet has retained testicles, please cancel your appointment with us. We do not provide surgery for retained testicles. If a veterinarian has not advised you about your cat, bring him at the scheduled time. We will call you after exams if both testicles are not where they belong (or if your cat is actually a female).

We strongly recommend pre-operative bloodwork for pets over 5 years of age.
Call 609-267-6770 to set an appointment at least 3 business days before surgery for bloodwork.

Sripped cats are are tabby. They can be orange tabby, brown tabby (the nose is brown) or grey tabby (nose is grey).

Extra Services

Highly Recommended


Buprinex is a conventional pain medication used in veterinary hospitals nationwide. It is highly recommended for friendly cats. It has to be applied to the gums and therefore is not a good choice for unfriendly cats.

Traumeel is an alternative remedy (integrative, alternative or complimentary medicine) for healing and pain-relief. It is nearly tasteless so though it is also absorbed through the gums, it can be administered in a small amount of broth prior to a meal. It can be used instead of, or in addition to, buprinex.

Also Available

This is a screening test only. Positive cats will NOT be euthanized.

Please bring shot records with you if you want us to review them.

Pets must be at least 12 weeks old for a rabies vaccine.

If you would like a 3-year vaccine, please bring a previous year's rabies certificate (even if expired). State law forces a 1-year license unless we see proof of a previous years rabies vaccine.

State law requires us to provide a 1-year rabies license for pets without a certificate to prove prior vaccination. Be sure to keep a copy of your invoice (which has the certificate on it) so that you can get a 3-year license next year.

We use Home Again International microchips. Your pet will be registered forever. Microchips are used for identification purposes. They do NOT provide proof of ownership.

Please bring a stool sample.
Hooks and Roundworm Treatment: We will supply 2 doses to be given at a 2-week interval. The first dose may or may not be given at the clinic.
Tapeworm looks like rice. Typically caused by fleas. there is no sense treating for tapeworms without also using a good flea product like advantage.

Please bring a fecal sample when you drop off your cat in the morning.

All applications of flea product will be sent home. None will be applied to your pet.

Flea product will be applied to your pet the day of surgery.

Identifies feral or barn cats in a colony that have already been fixed. the tip of the left ear is removed. There is no charge for this service in thanks to the caregivers.
Rarely needed. Also available at PetsMart.

We carry soft blue e-collars for FRIENDLY cats who's owners want one on hand just "in case."

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