Mission:  To help pet lovers by optimizing spay/neuter care.

Reason for Opening:  For over a decade, Dr. Cobb worked exclusively for shelter spay/neuter clinics.  Though gratifying, suggestions to optimize care were often rejected. High-volume clinics exist to end pet overpopulation.  Affordability is essential.  Clients looking for optimal care had the option of private practice but Dr. Cobb envisioned something even better.

At Ace of Spays, Dr. Cobb’s experience creates affordability but optimal care is the practice focus.  The practice’s unique mission is a game-changer.  Look at a Side-By-Side Comparison to see the differences between high-volume clinics, Ace of Spays clinics, Ace of Spays’ private service and other practice’s private service.

Owner/caretakers, rescues, trappers and breeders know that regardless of “ownership,” Ace of Spays treats every pet on an individual basis, putting optimal comfort and safety above affordability.  Newly hired staff members routinely comment that even in the clinic setting, care is equal to or better than they have seen in private appointments at full-service veterinary practices.

Marsha Kelley, CVT

After many years in private practice as both practice manager and certified veterinary technician, Marsha’s technical skills are beyond compare.  Her anesthesia monitoring skills cannot be beat.  She has trained countless top-notch technicians over the years. Marsha is a compassionate, friendly behind-the-scenes marvel.

Chris Graziani

Prior to taking over the desk at Ace of Spays in 2011, Chris was a school teacher.  She is a kind and organized people-person who is always willing to lend a sympathetic ear.  She enjoys getting to know clients and meeting new pets.  And when children visit, she is in her element.  Chris goes out of her way to help.

Kim Thompson

Kim is a very caring person whose compassion encompasses people and their pets.  Prior to joining Ace of Spays in 2009, she had years of experience at local practices, shelters and boarding facilities.  Her favorite part of practice is meeting clients and pets.  She has a special gift with small dogs, often shocking owners by befriending their otherwise snippy sidekicks.

Lori Cobb, VMD

Dr. Cobb graduated from The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1989.  From 1999-2011 she worked for various local animal shelters in the capacity of spay/neuter veterinarian.  She has helped several directors open new spay/neuter clinics.  She has written grants for a shelter bringing in the funds needed to run a new mobile spay/neuter practice, one of the first in the state.  She has performed in excess of 30,000 spay/neuter surgeries.  She has been focusing on optimization of patient care at Ace of Spays since 2005.